At E-Door incorporation, we have many motives. Our number one priority is to ensure that your package does not get tampered with. Our prototype is in the making and the process by which the package is secured is a very unique process that protects the package from many factors. A huge issue in today’s day in age is package theft and package damage, with our product we eliminate these issues as a whole. Another problem is that packages are thrown at the door, causing items to break in the package. The E-door is built into your house; it consists of separate doors to prevent people from entering the home. During the process of taking the package in the house, the bottom of the first front door will open until the package is lifted and taken. Once the package is inside the first door it will then close, signaling the second door to now open. Finally, the package will be moved from inside the doors to the home.



e door 2.png

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The E-Door will consist of three models: base, standard, and deluxe ($349.99, $449.99, and $549.99). The Base model will run with the lowest memory and only contain motion sensors. The Standard model will run with more memory, Wifi connectivity, and contain a notification program, alerting the user when the package has arrived. The Delux model and our highest tier will have the highest memory plan, wifi connection, and a camera. The wifi is effective for those who are not home; when motion is detected on the sensors, the user will get a notification asking them if they'd see through the camera’s point of view.  All systems will require the user to install in their home.




- I used to worry when I’m not home and I’m expecting a package for work, but with the E-Door, I don’t have to worry anymore!

- Truly, I ordered my E-door not fully knowing what to expect, and I have to say I'm not sorry about it! E-Door really does ensure the safety of my packages, as I have had many stolen before!

- I loved everything about E-door! the easy installation, the advanced technology, and the fact that I no longer have to worry about my package. Thank u E-door!